Consulting Services

Angels Sales, consulting

Consult with our industry experts and learn from their extensive knowledge regarding patents, patent protection, product development, manufacturing, overseas production facilities, importation, exports, marketing, sales and distribution.

Grow your idea the smart way with our consulting services!

Call (773) 883-8858 or contact us via email and let us show you how our dedicated sales staff and proven products can help you grow your business!

Are you an inventor?

Your time is valuable - so is our proven expertise.

  • $200 - first hour
  • $100 - every hour after that
  • Mimimum two hour consultation service.

Angel Sales works with inventors from around the world to realize their ideas and bring new products to the global marketplace. We understand the costs to develop a product and the need for confidentiality. Upon request we can provide you with a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) prior to our initial consultation.

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