Angel Sales - Import

Angel Sales Inc. imports products from countries all over the world into our warehouse facility in Los Angeles, California. Our company has brought in thousands of shipments and containers from Australia, Canada, China, Czechoslovakia, Mexico, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. We partner with logistics experts for the best possible rate to keep costs low and bring unsurpassed margin to our customer base.

Neat Nose
Neat Nose™ from China

Neat Nose™ from China

Ultra Breathe
Best-selling Ultrabreathe was brought to Angel Sales from the United Kingdom.

Ultrabreathe™ from the UK

Comfort Bra
Textiles from Mexico, South Korea, and Taiwan.

Comfort Bra from Taiwan

Consumer Products from China, Sweden, and United Kingdom.

Scoop Up from Sweden

lambswool insoles
Genuine lamb and sheep wool from Australia.

Lambswool from Australia

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